Our 2019 Friendsgiving Event:

In November 2019, the inaugural Sisters Lyme Aide Friendsgiving Party was held at FONA International in Geneva, Illinois. Over 200 guests gathered for a truly memorable evening filled with amazing entertainment featuring a lively jazz and dance band, exquisite cuisine and a first-class raffle and silent auction.

Because of your generosity, Sisters Lyme Aide was able to:

  • Provide funds necessary to send Sarah, who has been suffering from late stage Lyme Disease for the past 8 years, to Germany for life-saving treatment the following January. We are ecstatic to report that she is now 100% Lyme-free.

  • Provide additional funding to the Nitkey family to support essential post-treatment therapy for Sarah to rid her body of Lyme-related co-infections and pathogens, re-build her immune system and revitalize her Lyme damaged organ systems.

  • Provide funds for initial consultation and planning for the same life-saving treatment for Hannah and Eissabella, as well as John and Kelly.

  • Raise awareness for Lyme disease – its symptoms, causes and life altering effects – to the local community and beyond.

Thank You!

Thank you for your love and generosity. We hope you, your family and friends will continue to support the tremendous work of our Sisters Lyme Aide organization.