As a young child afflicted with Chronic Lyme Disease, Bella has been suffering with complex and changeable symptoms for most of her young life. Fatigue, severe joint and limb pain, serious respiratory issues, difficulty sleeping, and problems concentrating are just a few of the challenges Bella faces on a daily basis. Lyme is often described as the ‘Invisible Disease’ because its impact is felt internally and those suffering, like Bella, may not ‘look sick’ from an outward appearance.

Securing the proper treatment for Bella as soon as possible is extremely critical to relieve her on-going pain and suffering while limiting the amount of long-term medical issues and permanent damage that may occur.

Please prayerfully consider joining the Sisters Lyme Aide Organization in our current campaign to raise funds necessary to provide the critical medical treatments for Bella.

Sisters Lyme Aide
Mission Statement:

To improve the quality of life for people suffering with Lyme by offering financial, educational and emotional support.

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